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What is Islands Restaurants Rewards Program?

When Islands founder Tony DeGrazier stepped off the beaches of Oahu after a day of surfing with his Navy buddies in the 60s, he did what came naturally to him.  He went searching for a juicy burger, a hot basket of fries, and a cold drink.  Twenty years later, in 1982, it was that sense of place and satisfaction he was trying to recreate.  Our rewards program is all about honoring and rewarding our loyal following who still come to Islands to enjoy our fresh food, friendly service and laid-back atmosphere.

How do Islands Rewards Points work?

As a rewards member, you receive one Islands Rewards Point for every $1.00 you spend. Once you reach 250 Islands Rewards Points, you unlock a Free Entrée credit towards your next meal.  Then, the plan will reset to 0 (zero) points and you'll be back on your way to earning another 250 points. It's that simple!

What else does Island Rewards offer?

Our Islands Rewards program also offers other exclusive promos, limited time offers, surprise rewards, exciting contests, and more!  We believe in giving back to our most loyal customers, so we hope you feel the love.

Do I need an Islands Rewards account to participate in the rewards program?

Yes. After downloading the app, you'll need to create an account with the contact information requested. Once provided, you'll be a member of Islands Rewards and you'll start earning rewards.

Do you need to keep the app to remain a member?

No, you may delete the app and still be a member.  However, it is required to download to sign up and we recommend keeping the app in order to keep track of your Rewards Points and any earned free entrée rewards. In the future, we may add features that require the app.

How do I make sure my rewards account is linked when I make Islands purchases?

You can do this a few ways.  If you're ordering take out directly through the app, your rewards account is automatically linked.  Just add your credit card information on the 'Payment' screen. At that point you'll have the options to "Save Card".  And don't worry, your credit card info is secure. If you are in a store, you must provide your server either your rewards number or phone number to earn rewards for your visit.

How do I know how many Islands Rewards Points I need to earn before I score my next reward?

The Islands Points Tracker is located on the home screen of the app. The tracker lets you know how many points you have left until you hit your free entrée reward.  You need 250 points to earn your free entrée reward, and once earned, the plan will reset back to 0 (zero).

Does my Free Entrée Reward include modifications/add ons?

Your Free Entrée Reward covers the cost of an entrée without any modifications.  You may still make any desired modifications, but they will be charged to you separately.

Does my Free Entrée Reward or any other rewards ever expire?

Yes, all earned rewards are only valid for 30 days.

How do I earn Islands Rewards Points?

You earn Islands rewards points directly through Islands rewards purchases.  Every $1 spent is 1 Islands Rewards point.  There are three ways to apply your rewards account to your purchases:

  • Rewards App:  Once you have placed an order through the app, any applicable Islands Points will automatically be stored and added to the Islands Points Tracker.
  • In store: You must let your server know that you'd like to earn points for your visit and they will take your phone number or rewards number to apply the purchase.
  • Online Take Out: You can apply your rewards account number to any online orders by entering your account number in the “Loyalty Number” field at check out.

How do I redeem rewards?

Whether in store or on the app, rewards are automatically applied to your next visit using your rewards account.   If you reach a free entrée on your visit, it will not be available to redeem until your next visit.  If at one point we decide to offer monetary rewards, your reward will be processed exactly like a gift card by providing the server with your 14-Digit Islands Rewards number found on your app.  Unless otherwise communicated as a part of special promotion, only one reward is available to be redeemed per check.  In situations when you have multiple rewards, the order in which they are redeemed are based upon the order they were earned (ie, the oldest reward earned will come off next).

Are there any items that I cannot earn Rewards points on?

Yes, you cannot earn points on alcohol, tax, gratuity, gift card purchases and any other rewards or comps applied to your visit.  Unfortunately, it is illegal to attach rewards point to any alcohol purchases.

Is there a limit to the number of Islands Rewards Points I can earn per day?

No. Order away and earn away!

After I have redeemed a reward, can I still pay for the rest of my order with the app?

Yes, you’ll continue to check out using your credit card for the remaining balance.  If you are dining with us, your server will process the remaining balance in-store.

How do I edit my credit card information within the app?

Go to the main menu page and tap on "Account", On the "Account" screen, tap on "Manage Saved Card". You'll be asked to enter your new credit card information.

What do I do if I forget my password?

On the main login screen, tap "Log-In With Email", tap "Forgot Password?" After you enter your email address and click “Reset Password”, you'll be sent an email with a temporary new password.  Enter this password, log in, and you’ll be prompted to change your password again.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by following the exact same "Forgot Password" instructions mentioned above.

Where did my reward go?

If the reward you earned is not listed on the main rewards screen on the app, there's a good chance that it has expired, or it was already applied to one of your orders.

I signed up for Islands Rewards, but I don't see my Free Chips and Salsa Reward on my App. Why not?

If you received a confirmation email letting you know that you have a Free Chips and Salsa Reward waiting for you, then the reward should be loaded on your account and valid for 30 days.  If you do not receive an email and/or the store doesn’t see your reward in our system, please email us at  

I forgot to tell you I was a member last time; can I still get credit?

Yes! You can email a picture of your receipt to so that any points from a recent visit are reflected on your account.  In the future you will be able to scan your receipt to apply old transactions.  

Can I make suggestions?

Sure! We'd be happy to hear from you. Please email us at Rewards Program