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In the Community

Supporting our local communities is a big part of who we are.
Michael Smith

It is the community that has shaped and supported Islands since our doors first opened in 1982. Therefore, it has always been our commitment to give back. We give back over a half a million dollars each year to support a variety of community programs, from local elementary schools to local youth and adult sports teams.

In addition to our many local community programs we have developed a broader partnership with Outdoor Outreach. We admire and support Outdoor Outreach's passion to giving at risk and underprivileged youth the ability to change their lives through comprehensive outdoor programming. Outdoor Outreach allows youth the very same hopes we have for our own customers; getting outside so they can enjoy the sun, surf, the beach, but more importantly experience the good life.

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youth programs


We’re proud to support local youth programs, including elementary and high schools, plus a variety of kids sports teams. We will design and supply a flyer that may be used to promote a fundraiser on a specified date, usually Monday - Wednesday from 4PM to closing. And the best part is, 20% of the proceeds will go to your cause.

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Golden Pineapple Awards

When it comes to the local community, we believe there’s nothing more important than the local schools. That’s why each of our restaurants partner with elementary schools to recognize a variety of students’ achievements. The schools are given a Golden Pineapple Award certificate to be given out by their teacher at their discretion. The recipients of a Golden Pineapple Award can bring it into any one of our restaurants for a free Gremmie meal.

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Youth Sports Program Sponsorships

We believe that when kids are active, everyone wins. And that's why we’re proud to support all kinds of children's sports teams and programs in the community.

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Scrip Cards

Imagine buying our gift cards for a 10% discount. That’s exactly what you’ll get with our Scrip Card, which is available for schools and youth sports teams.

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Adult Sports Team Sponsorships

Sports are a large part of our culture at Islands. We sponsor a handful of local adult sports teams in our neighborhoods.

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