100% all natural angus beef grilled chicken & turkey
Customized Fries - Truffle or Ghost Pepper Fries
and customized

Our sides have increased in portion size and you have the freedom to choose your favorite!

TRUFFLE FRIES: Fresh cut Island Fries tossed w/truffle oil blend, truffle sea salt & topped w/a parsley-parmesan cheese blend. Served w/truffle aioli.

GHOST PEPPER FRIES: Fresh cut Island Fries tossed w/tabasco oil blend, ghost pepper salt & topped w/cotija cheese. Served w/machete aioli.

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Our Commitment

At Islands we take pride in sourcing the highest quality ingredients. Our commitment is to prepare and serve wholesome and clean foods. We strive to avoid artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, antibiotics & growth hormones. We continue to make it our priority to find the cleanest ingredients for our guests and hold our suppliers to the highest standards.

The Pathway to Clean Foods 2016 - We started our journey to clean up our products in late 2016. "Clean was the goal." It was what we aspired to. We partnered with registered dietitians who helped us to evaluate each ingredient within our recipes, identify the artificial ones, search for alternative/clean ingredients and began to test the new recipes. Early 2017 - The first of our clean foods were balsamic vinaigrette, wing sauce, honey mustard dressing, chipotle aiolo and roasted garlic aioli. 2017 to 2020 - We kept at it and over the past couple of years we were able to clean up the majority of our recipes including chili, salsa, gucamole, BBQ sauce and more. We also found great sources for grilled chicken, turkey and beef without antibiotics and growth hormones, but full of flavor! 2021 - Our commitment to you stands strong as we continues to tackle the smallremaining list of menu items and recipes. We are proud of how much we have accomplished in a few short years and take pride in continuing to serve our guests the highest quality ingredients available.